Sunday March 29th, 2009

Arrival in Marseille, parked the car in the parking under the town hall. Brilliant wheather!!

The Notre Dam variant of Marseille.

Street impression Marseille, as you can see the wheather is improving ... in't it ?

Town centre this is close to the vieux port of Marseille.

En haute de la grande marche (which leads to the train station).

Taken from the train station, looks pritty nice ... what you only need now is some sun shine ...

View on the harbour of Ciotat.

View on the beaches of Ciotat

The old town of Ciotat - kind of style you find more often around the mediteranian.

Just from the other side ... light is better like this.

Harbour of Ciotat - you really miss the sun shine here :-(.

Monday March 30th, 2009

Ciotat - vue sur mere, que pensez vous ...

Ciotat - Boulevard; Maison de vacance ?

Ciotat - Shall we go for a walk...

Ciotat - view on the old part of the city together with the harbour.

Ciotat - beaches !!

Aubagne - Finally civilisation!!

Aubagne - A TABLE !!

Aubagne - Market place

Aubagne - Town centre

Aubagne - Fountain on the market place

Cassis - We've found paradise...

Cassis - Harbour

Cassis - You're in for a row ??

Cassis - Town centre

Cassis - Up the hills (Cassis is a coastal city squeezed in a vallee)

Cassis - Top view ...

Ciotat - Can you see me ??

Tuesday March 31st, 2009

Marseille 6ieme- town centre, wheather was improving.

Marseille 6ieme- town centre.

Marseille 6ieme- town centre.

Marseille 6ieme- town centre