Hello my name is Melanie, arrived on this world on my lucky day - Friday the 13th of March.

Spring announced it-self in our "huge" garden the same day - Friday the 13th is afterall not only bad-luck. :-)

How should I open this one without making a mess out of it ...

Sleepy ....

Beuatifull ... no further comment is needed here.

My first sun bath - gosh life is good !!

HELLO - I'm still there !!

Ouch - I have done some shopping - a new sister is nice but you need a lot of stuff :-)

Sleepy again ...

Raissy - our super nurse - she really did a lot for us. Thanks !!

MAMA!! I'm back from school ... ehh crech.

The girls go shopping.

Oops - I'm not alone anymore - a bit stange but still very good.

Winnie the Pooh - the old bear is still going strong.

What should I say.

My first swimming lesson ...